Day 01 “Bagel”

I used to love to write and I used to love to draw but life happened and I stopped paying attention to what I loved. I then constantly had the best intentions to write/draw but constantly put it off because “I don’t have the time”; ‘I don’t know what to write about”; “Nothing inspires me to draw” etc etc etc…

Enter “Random Noun Generator” and now I have no more excuses.

I am challenging myself to draw a picture of and write about a randomly generated noun at least three times a week. Nothing long, nothing complicated and nothing I can make excuses about. I may not be as good at writing or drawing as I once was but practice makes perfect and that’s what this is about.

So day 01 and the word is ‘Bagel’; what can I say about bagels…

In South Africa there isn’t much call for bagels, I’m not entirely sure where I’d even go to buy one but the odd bagel I have tried has been a disappointment. They’re chewy bread. Sad donuts. Why eat a bagel when there’s a fresh Portuguese roll that covers your nose in flour? Why eat a bagel when there’s a world of min-loaves and vetkoek and hot cheese rolls from the corner café? Why eat a bagel when there are cronuts and muffins and pain au chocolat and naan breads and french loaves and coney rolls and banana bread and hundreds of other amazing and delicious creations?

Why on earth would you eat a bagel?

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