Day 4 “Elongation”

“Elongation”. Not the best word to get to be honest and definitely not the easiest thing to draw.

Although “elongation’ is a technical term relating to either planets or geometry, the first thing that came to my mind was the elongated necks of the Kayan people.

I think I should have stuck to drawing a planet.

Even at my peak of drawing talent about 15 years ago I struggled with drawing anything metallic and I could only ever draw people who looked like older relatives of the person I was supposed to be drawing. Now being so out of practice…well you can see the result.

I definitely did not do justice to the subject matter and it was a struggle just doing what I did. On a more positive note though I do tend to stop projects halfway or leave things when they become a bit challenging so I’m proud of me for pushing through and finishing this post.

Hopefully my next word will result in something slightly better!

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