Day 5 “Loyalty”

Nothing says loyalty quite like a dog and one of the most famously loyal dogs was Hachikō. This Japanese legend walked with his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, to the train station every day. Hachikō would then return home and come back to the station just when the train was due to arrive and the two would walk home together.

One day Hidesaburō Ueno did not return due to a brain hemorrhage but Hachikō remained loyal. He returned to the station at that same time every day until the end of his life (9 years later) thus becoming a true legend. (I did wonder if this story is where the writers of Futurama got their inspiration for the episode Jurassic Bark. Do yourselves a favour and don’t watch this episode – it was worse than Bambi).

Hachikō is remembered through two statues, one of just him and one of he and Hidesaburō Ueno together. My drawing came from the second statue and, although I semi-liked how Hachikō came out, the face of Hidesaburō Ueno came out looking like a weeping angel. Since I didn’t want to insult a fellow dog-lover I decided to post only the dog part of the picture. He is the true hero after all.

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