Day 6 “Setting”

I had a few ideas on this word but the idea of a ring setting stuck in my mind because I’m currently engaged and (theoretically) planning a wedding.

Our engagement was unorthodox to say the least. It was on the fifth anniversary of the day we met but also on a Thursday after he got home from a full day of work followed by lectures. Not sure why I chose a time when we were both tired and had to go to work the next day but then girls don’t have much experience asking boys (yes, you heard me) and frankly I was too nervous to think properly. FYI: Proposing is horrible. Women don’t realise how much courage it takes to ask that question even when you’re 100% sure of the answer.

He was quite happy I popped the question and he didn’t have to, he’d been thinking about it but wasn’t sure how to approach the whole thing. He was even happier when I mentioned that I already had a ring. My ring belonged to my mother and was her engagement ring to my dad – this is not as romantic as it sounds as she bought it herself since my dad was pretty broke and horrible with money throughout his life. I didn’t love it due to its sentimental value, I loved (love) it because I just have never seen a design I like more (I also think spending a fortune on a rock is stupid).

I’m sure our wedding will be unorthodox as well since neither of us appear to want one. As much as the two of us try to feign interest in weddings I believe we’ll end up at a registry office in the end and spend our money on a honeymoon – travel is more fun than a single day with a pretty dress and a nice cake.

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