Day 8 “gosling”

So according to Google search results I’m one of very few people who expects to see baby geese when they do an image search for “gosling”. It seems that Ryan Gosling has basically become the only meaning for that particular noun and so I decided I’d rather stare at him for a few hours than a goose.

Although he is quite nice to look at I admit to not going out of my way to watch any of his movies. My first encounter with him was “The Notebook” (ugh) and I’ve been unfairly judging him ever since. Although the only actor I actively avoid is Nicholas Cage (he gives me the creeps) I admit to not going out of my way to watch movies with actors I have taken a mild dislike/annoyance to. I do need to change this habit and give people a second or third chance especially when they are as good-looking as Mr Gosling.

Drawing-wise, although it turned out to be the-slightly-lopsided brother of Ryan Gosling, I am quite happy with the result of this one. Portraits are so hard so I’m happy with any family resemblance at this point. I do, however, want to give credit to the guy who did this drawing:, because I used it as a reference rather than working from a photograph. When you’re starting out it can often be so much easier to work from another artwork rather than a real object or photograph. Copying is an excellent teacher (as long as you give credit to the original).

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