Day 9 “Workbench”


My resolution to post at least once a week seems to have hit a bit of a speed wobble. I would like to say it’s just because I’ve been busy but, I have to admit I did have time and I just wasn’t using it. There have been at least ten “I don’t really have much to do so I’ll just play on my phone and do absolutely nothing constructive” evenings so I really have zero excuses.

It didn’t help the word was “Workbench”. Not the most inspirational word to date and I struggled to even begin to find the motivation to draw a wooden rectangle. I finally realised a drawing of this workbench was not going to happen so I decided to approach it a bit more figuratively.

As a way to get myself back to the “workbench” and actually draw something I decided to default to my “go-to” inspiration. Weirdly I never get tired of drawing Asterix characters especially when I finally got my hand on “Asterix in Spain”- I’ve been wanting to buy it for about two years!

My next word is a bit more fun than “workbench” so hopefully I won’t wait so long before posting Day 10.

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